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Python is known best for its ease of use, and almost non existent learning curve, but today I will share an implementation of python’s multiprocessing library, as a client server architecture. Lets understand few basics before getting into code.

What is GIL, and how it works?

In simple words, just like any public shower, when you use it, its yours after you are done, someone else uses it. In Cpython, to make its implementation simpler, the lock to python interpreter is given to each thread for execution, once the thread’s execution is finished, a new thread locks python interpreter. …

Attention is all you need, sounds a bit cheesy, but the breakthrough paper in NLP, that made transformer what they are today, even they are now vying for the territory of CNN’s, In this article, I will try to explain some of the concepts along with the implemented code for this. Although Hugging-face implementation is quite popular which provides a quick implementation of this, you might never have to write from scratch. This article is to improve your understanding of this paper.

In this article we are creating a Machine Translation problem which translates sentences from German to English. We…

If you are keeping up with the latest research into deep learning space, you realize that how transformers are getting stronger to occupy the kingdoms of Computer Vision held by CNN’s while still maintaining their stronghold on their NLP kingdoms. But its not like CNN’s never misbehaved, in this post lets discuss the CNN’s NLP coup . Sounds GOT level stuff right?

This post is an in-depth code analysis of Neural Machine Translation using Convolution Neural Networks using Pytorch, we will also touch upon few important concepts. …

As if partners complaining about attention was not enough, now architectures are asking for it too. So how does it works out, lets find out (FYI — Not couples advice) .

Focus on selective data instead of all, this is known as Attention mechanism as the name suggests. Conceptually why it works can be understood with an example, if we want to understand a topic, reading whole book for that will takes weeks, but if we read index first and jump to exact page where the topic is listed, this time can be reduced to just few minutes.

But before…

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